On December 25, charmzlan (International) children's love Association held its first donation activity in Rwanda, Africa. This activity was strongly supported by "African little Weige", a group of children with ragged clothes and dark skin, who filled their eager but sincere eyes with those two, looked at our staff and said loudly in hard Chinese, thank you, China! I When we love you, China, we feel more about the greatness of our motherland, and we deeply feel that our country's children, including us, can have such a wonderful life today. We should be satisfied with it. At the same time, we also have a deep understanding of why general secretary Xi Jinping has encouraged more enterprises to enter Africa, the broad mind of the whole region and the great pattern of benefiting mankind.

Rwanda is a country in the Middle East of Africa. There is basically no industry, mainly agriculture and tourism. The local infrastructure and living standards are very low. Especially in rural areas, many children have no shoes, clothes are worn out and health conditions are especially backward. In July 2018, at the invitation of President Paul Kagame, general secretary Xi Jinping successfully visited Rwanda, marking China. The national president visited Rwanda for the first time. It also means that the influence of China has been expanding continuously in Africa. General Secretary Xi Jinping's visit to Rwanda has greatly encouraged the construction of Chinese companies and staff in the area. At present, Chinese enterprises' participation in various projects in Rwanda has been systematically pushed forward, bringing unprecedented changes to the Rwanda government and the improvement of the living standard of Rwanda people.

charmzlan (International) children's love association is a love organization founded by charmzlan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. of France in Hong Kong. Through self financing, the organization faces the world, practices the global village's philanthropic spirit, and helps more children grow up healthily. Children are the hope of tomorrow and the future of the world!

This donation activity is very successful, thanks again to the support of "Wei Wei Ge of Africa". When Wei Xiaowei sent the video of the donation scene to the platform of volcanoes, watermelons and jitter, it surpassed the view of five hundred thousand people in a short time, and everyone praised it. It also showed the curiosity and concern of Chinese people to Africa. Understanding and support!